this is me, Prajith

a web designer , web developer and
a graphic designer. yep, that pretty
much sums me up!.

this is my online home, where you
can know about me, have a peek at
my portfolio as well as
read my blog

if you got any comments
or q's just fire away !!

The site

why meetprajithonline.com..

Well, speaking of this site, I wasn’t too sure
about where I wanted to go with the design.
So I choose to go ahead with my mantra for
design... Keep it simple!

Fonts used in this site are Rockwell and Molengo. Please dont publish the content of this website anywhere without consent.

P.S. Copying is not good. Don’t do it. Hire me instead!

My Stuff

have a little peek at the portfolio!

This is what i do and this is my stuff. Here’s some of my work, with everything from web design website development to logo design

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You can drop me a line for any reason
whether it be for work or just to say hi!


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